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Testing of tyres

For over 30 years IGTT’s Tyre Testing Laboratory has been carrying out tests of virtually all types of tyres for road and off-road vehicles as well as rims and solid rubber tyres for motor and motorless vehicles and small civil aircraft. During this time the laboratory has gained accreditation (i.e. international approval) both to carry out these tests, and to carry out the so-called homologation, i.e. to issue certificates stating thatthe tested tyres comply with the requirements of the ECE and can be marketed in Europe..

IGTT provides tyre testing and approval in its own independent and impartial accredited laboratory, equipped with all the equipment and qualified personnel necessary for static and dynamic measurement and testing of both new and retreaded tyres, solid tyre steel wheels, rims, valves, inner tubes, tyre protection materials and tyre repair materials.

!!! The laboratory is not authorized to administer customer claims and assess defects in tyres used during routine operation !!!

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 Most dynamic tests are carried out on modern drum test machines.

The biggest machine, with a drum diameter of 3 m and a maximum load on a single tested tyre of up to 30 tons, was purchases in 2005. This unique piece of equipment was co-funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic as part of the Innovation Project.

Below is a selection of the wide range of our testing procedures, which comply with numerous corporate, Czech national, European and global regulations and standards for the testing of tyres and tyred wheels.

  • Measurements of dimensions of tyres fitted on rims
  • Plunger tests
  • Tests of resistance of tyres against slipping off rims
  • Measurements of static deformational characteristics in 3 directions and in torsion
  • Structural analyses of tyre frames with textile and steel cords
  • High speed tests
  • Endurance tests – pressure, load and speed specific
  • Endurance tests of overloaded rims
  • Measurements of rolling resistance of tyres
  • Measurements of dynamic directional characteristics
  • Legislative tests (approval and verification) of new and retreaded tyres

For most of the above procedures, our laboratory holds accreditation by the Czech Accreditation Institute (Český institut pro akreditaci) as Testing Laboratory No. 1253.

IGTT is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Transport to carry out measurements and testing of tyres according to UN ECE Regulations. On the basis of IGTT’s official test certificates, the Ministry of Transport issues approval certificates:


The Innovation Projects
co-funded by the European Union and
the Ministry of Industry and
Trade of the Czech Republic


IA Accreditation Certificate


UN ECE – Accreditation


EU – Accreditation

Rubber technology and testing institute, PLC, IGTT a.s., Sternberská 446, Louky, 763 02 Zlín, Czech Republic
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