IGTT is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Transport to carry out measurements and testing of tyres according to UN ECE Regulations. On the basis of IGTT’s official test certificates, the Ministry of Transport issues approval certificates:


  • passenger vehicle tyres according to UN ECE Regulation No. 30
  • commercial vehicle tyres according to UN ECE Regulation No. 54
  • motorcycle tyres according to UN ECE Regulation No. 75
  • agricultural vehicle tyres according to UN ECE Regulation No. 106
  • retreaded passenger vehicle tyres
    according to UN ECE Regulation No. 108
  • retreaded commercial tyres
    according to UN ECE Regulation No. 109
  • tyres with regard to rolling sound emissions
    according to UN ECE Regulation No. 117

Approval test certificates are regularly sent to all Geneva Convention countries. The issued certificates are valid in all countries, that are members of the EN ECE and have adopted the specific Regulation. Once a tyre is approved by Czech authorities and given the below mark, it is usually not necessary for it to undergo approval in other countries.

On the basis of Act No. 56/2001 Coll. On conditions for operating vehicles on roads, and on amendments to Act No. 168/1999 Coll. On liability insurance for damage caused by the operation of a vehicle and on amendments to several corresponding laws (the Vehicle Operation Liability Insurance Act), as amended, and Decree No. 341/2002 Coll. On approval of technical qualification and on technical conditions for operating vehicles on roads” only retreaded tyres bearing the international E approval mark may be sold in the Czech Republic.

Since 1999 retreading plants in the Czech Republic with implemented quality management systems have gradually been approved according to UN ECE Regulations No. 108 and 109. This approval is valid internationally, is widely accepted and replaces the former approval of technical qualification.


In connection with the Czech Republic’s entry into the EU IGTT was also accredited to carry out motor vehicle tyre tests according to Directive 2001/43/EC (amending Directive 92/23/EEC). These type approvals are valid for all dimensions of tyres of a specific tread pattern and, unlike UN ECE Regulations No. 30 and 54, also include drive tests of tyres with regard to rolling sound emissions.. Drive tests are carried out using the least advantageous dimension of the whole tyre group, which is usually a tyre with the greatest width, the lowest profile number and the highest load index.

On the basis of test and measurement results and test certificates the Czech Ministry of Transport issues type approval certificates and sends them to all EU member states.

Approval of technical qualification


IGTT is also accredited by the Czech Ministry of Transport for testing in the process oftechnical approval of inner tubes, inlays, valves, tyre repair materials and kits, as well as preventive anti-puncture agents. Before any of such products can be marketed within the Czech Republic it has to go through an approval procedure. Successful results of appropriate tests are the basis for the issue of a Certificate of product technical qualification by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic..

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